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Billy and Georgia of Farm Fresh San Diego

Who we are:

Hello! We are Billy and Georgia Woodson and we started Farm Fresh San Diego. Our business started out of a longing to serve people and to eat well. So we turned to what we had a passion for: the soil, growing food and giving to others.

In 2007 Billy started attending classes within Mira Costa College’s AG department and fell in love with agriculture. He left his career in aerospace composites and decided that he wanted what most other young people these days have no interest in – farming.

We started growing and harvesting vegetables from our small “backyard farm” in Fallbrook, CA and launched out first “CSA” in 2010. We quickly realized that our small piece of land would not be enough to grow everything we needed to satisfy our existing members and to grow our business. In 2011 An opportunity arose and we were able to move to an 8 acre property on Olive Hill in Fallbrook which is where we currently grow all our produce.

Cooking is one of our passions as a couple and nothing is more satisfying than cooking what we grow. We love serving others through food, which makes us truly committed to what we do. Join us and see for yourself!

From our table to yours!

What is a CSA?:

It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In a nutshell: a CSA is a “family” of those who have pledged to support local farm operations. When members agree to join, they receive a share of produce on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. The idea behind the model is this: it provides healthy, economical and fresh produce, while keeping it local and community oriented.

A word about our produce:

While we are not “certified organic” we do farm with organic principals. The produce you receive from our farm is grown naturally without the use of sprays.


To create a profitable, thriving farming operation that supplies our San Diego community with healthy, local, easily accessible food at a fair price for the consumer and the farmer. Most of all we want to stay passionate about supporting our community by feeding those in need.